About Me

Hi! I’m Blushinmoon, a small artist hoping to one day make a living off of my art. 

My art revolves around dreamy and fantasy themes using soft colors and my character Selene who is dreams personified. The art I make comes from a place seeking comfort through the depths of the chaotic society around us. It’s my hope to soothe the eyes and soul with heart warming content that people can indulge in when they’re sad and in need of solace. Most of my art is incredibly self-indulgent, however, I’m always encouraging other artists and creators to do the same to make themselves happier.


Most of my art can be found on Instagram, as it was one of the first platforms I posted my art on and dedicated my future career to. Many of my artistic friends and mutuals support me there, so maybe you can too! I started posting all the way back in 2016 until now, so there’s a lot for you to find 😉 Have fun now!

Another place I post art is on Tumblr im not done